List of English Speaking Countries

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List of English Speaking Countries

Top English speaking countries

English speaking countries

We all know that English is considered to be the official language and not a mother tongue to most countries, with that manner it is a language that whole country should speak and understand. We have gather the full list of English speaking countries but kindly Look through it’s important below as it helps

Looking At Important Of English Language.

  • English is considered to be the official Language: With this manner or point of view it can be said that English increases an individual chances of getting a good job either in overseas or in a multinational company within your home country.
  • English language Is Also A Language of international communication:It quit known that the media and the internet as of today most of it comprises of English, although tool are there to translate to a language of your choices,so learning English is important for socialising and entertainment as well as work.

Please note that the Non-sovereign entities are not included here:

These Are The List Of English Speaking Countries

Country Region Population
Antigua and Barbuda Caribbean 85,000
Australia Australia 22,374,370
Bahamas, The Caribbean 331,000
Barbados Caribbean 294,000
Belize Central America / Caribbean 288,000
Botswana Africa 1,882,000
Cameroon Africa 18,549,000
Canada North America 33,531,000
Dominica Caribbean 73,000
Eritrea Africa 5,224,000
Ethiopia Africa 82,101,998
Fiji Oceania 827,900
The Gambia Africa 1,709,000
Ghana Africa 23,478,000
Grenada Caribbean 106,000
Guyana South America / Caribbean 738,000
India Asia 1,143,540,000
Ireland Europe 4,581,269
Jamaica Caribbean 2,714,000
Kenya Africa 37,538,000
Kiribati Oceania 95,000
Kingdom of the Netherlands Caribbean (and Europe) 17,000,000
Lesotho Africa 2,008,000
Liberia Africa 3,750,000
Malawi Africa 13,925,000
Malta Europe 412,600
Marshall Islands Oceania 59,000
Mauritius Africa / Indian Ocean 1,262,000
Federated States of Micronesia Oceania 111,000
Namibia Africa 2,074,000
Nauru Oceania 10,000
New Zealand Oceania 4,294,350
Nigeria Africa 148,093,000
Pakistan Asia 165,449,000
Palau Oceania 20,000
Papua New Guinea Oceania 6,331,000
Philippines Asia 90,457,200
Rwanda Africa 9,725,000
Saint Kitts and Nevis Caribbean 50,000
Saint Lucia Caribbean 165,000
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Caribbean 120,000
Samoa Oceania 188,359
Seychelles Africa / Indian Ocean 87,000
Sierra Leone Africa 5,866,000
Singapore Asia 4,839,400
Solomon Islands Oceania 506,992
South Africa Africa 47,850,700
South Sudan Africa 8,260,490
Sudan Africa 31,894,000
Swaziland Africa 1,141,000
Tanzania Africa 40,454,000
Tonga Oceania 100,000
Trinidad and Tobago Caribbean 1,333,000
Tuvalu Oceania 11,000
The United Kingdom Europe 61,612,300
The United States North America 309,442,000
Uganda Africa 30,884,000
Vanuatu Oceania 226,000
Zambia Africa 11,922,000
Zimbabwe Africa 13,349,000



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