Possibly Jamb Question And Answers On Sweet Sixteeen Novel Chapter By Chapter

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SWEET SIXTEEN (Author: Bolaji Abdullahi)

Sweet Sixteen Jamb Novel Possible Ask Questions And Answers

The Letter (Chapter One, Page One)

Sweet Sixteen Questions And Answers

  1. At the age of 16, no one is longer a child but a young adult was said by who?

         Ans: Aliya

  1. According to Aliya, the word child means?

         Ans: Same as Stupid

  1. Aliya was never interested in children to stop why?

        Ans: Because the word child means the same as stupid to him

  1. When did Aliya start wearing a bra?

         Ans: At 10 years

  1. What is Aliya’s mom career?

         Ans: Nurse

  1. What is Aliya’s Dad career at the time he was born

          Ans: A Journalist

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  1. When Aliya was in primary school, his father works as what?

         Ans: A public relation agency

  1. Aliya’s father believes that the only thing worth celebration was what?

Ans: Major Achievements

  1. To Aliya’s father, was birthday an achievement? Yes or No

          Ans: No

  1. What was Aliya’s father’s name?

Ans: Mr. Bello

  1. The birthday greeting card was normally handed over to Alia by who?

Ans: The Principal

  1. The word “only God is greater than you” makes Aliya think of what?

          Ans: She thinks of being some kind of God’s deputy.

  1. What did Akin call himself?

         Ans: King of all boys.

  1. According to Aliya, Akin specializes in what?

        Ans: Making fun of everything and playing pranks on everyone

  1. A mathematics teacher point on mensuration as a mathematics topic, how did Akin read it?

        Ans: Menstruation

  1. Who didn’t find Akins prank over mensuration as being funny?

         Ans: Miss Solaka

  1. What was Akin’s grade in mathematics at the end of the term?

          Ans: A

  1. 0n which day did Aliya turn 16?

Ans: Tuesday

  1. Which subject did Aliya never scored higher than a ‘C’?

Ans: Chemistry

  1. Who gave Aliya a teddy bear on Valentine’s day

Ans: Bobo (Tokunbo)

  1. What was found in the bag Tokunbo gave to Alia on Valentine day?

          Ans: A red teddy bear

  1. What was written on the red teddy bear Aliya caught from Bobo and in what shape was it written on?

Ans: “I Love You”, It was written on a  heart –Shape.

  1. How did Aliya tell her father about the gift she got from Bobo on valentine

         Ans:  Through a Sing Song.

  1. Mr. Bello tried to teach Aliya how to play chess and why?

Ans: Because it will make her teach strategically

  1. According to Aliya father, what did he meant by the black and white pieces

Ans: Two armies ranged in battle, the mission being to caution the opponent’s king.

  1. In Aliya’s school was it compulsory for every student to greet any adult the came across

         Ans: yes

  1. According to Aliya father, what type of girls do boys like?

         Ans: Dumb girls.

  1. In summary, what does Aliya father refer to a dumb girl?

         Ans: A girl who thinks she needs to live up to other people’s expectation, a girl who feels the need to “belong” etc

  1. What sickness is Aliya suffering from?

          Ans: Asthma

  1. Why didn’t Aliya return the teddy bear to Bobo?

         Ans: Because she didn’t want to hurt him

  1. When Aliya resume school the following term what did she learned about?

         Ans: She learned that Bobo had relocated to Ireland With his Parent.

  1. What lesson did Aliya learn from Bobo relocation without her consent?

         Ans: She gets to believe that when someone gives you a gift that it doesn’t mean the love you

  1. Which religion did Aliya principal belong to?

         Ans: Christianity

  1. Which religion did Aliya father belong to?

        Ans: Muslim

  1. Where is Aliya father from?

         Ans: Yoruba

  1. Where is Aliya principle from?

         Ans: Tiv  

  1. Who is the protagonist in the Jamb novel entitled Sweet Sixteen?

         Ans: Aliya

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